Dickens - a map

David Perdue's website has information about Dickens's life and work and lists many more sites around London connected to him. It also includes a map of both biographical and fictional sites.

Great Expectations

Why don't we get started with that great classic from Charles Dickens, Great Expectations? This is our choice for the month of April. If you have already read it please do a refresher and comment. If you havent yet read it , you are in for a treat. Tell us what you liked or disliked about it. Think about the narration style, the social settings, the language/s used, the range of characterisations and character development, and many more elements - present aplenty in this rich, extensive story. I certainly have a positive prejudice about it. We've linked to the Project Gutenberg copy but you might already have it on a shelf at home and it would be held in your local library. It is readily available for purchase in Penguin Classics.